Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye

Two strangers…

Makenna James thinks her day can't get any worse, until she finds herself stranded in a pitch-black elevator with a complete stranger. Distracted by a phone call, the pin-striped accountant catches only a glimpse of a dragon tattoo on his hand before the lights go out.

Four hours…

Caden Grayson is amused when a harried redhead dashes into his elevator fumbling her bags and cell phone. His amusement turns to panic when the power fails. Despite his piercings, tats, and vicious scar, he's terrified of the dark and confined spaces. Now, he's trapped in his own worst nightmare.

One pitch-black elevator…

To fight fear, they must reach out and open up. With no preconceived notions based on looks to hold them back, they discover just how much they have in common. In the warming darkness, attraction grows and sparks fly, but will they feel the same when the lights come back on?

The first book of Laura Kaye I have ever read and it got me hooked on her ever since.  The plot is simple enough boy meets girl and has hot interlude in an elevator.  Well, with the added thing of being in the dark and not really knowing what each other looked like at all. This was more than simple cute meet up aside from being unique.  It was dropping the walls we put up when we first meet someone.  Its what you see of another person when you have no sense of sight.  Laura Kaye's writing just flows thru the pages, each character is consistent and strongly depicted.  Each encounter riveting and charged it basically sizzles.  It was so good between Caden and Mackenna that I wanted more.  Readers of contemporary romance should give Hearts in Darkness a try, you won't regret it.  But you might get addicted to Laura Kaye's works.

Title: Hearts in Darkness
Author: Laura Kaye
Genre: Contemporary Adult Romantic Fiction, Erotica
Published: May 19, 2013, paperback edition (first published April 21, 2011)
Rating: ♨♨♨♨♨ (Just read it cause its good! And hot! Really!)