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Review Tour: Just for The Rush by Jane Lark

An Very Erotic Thriller Date Published: 12th May 2017 Publisher: HarperImpulse

No one wants Mr Nice Guy
A surprise marriage proposal from her perfectly nice Rugby playing boyfriend, Rick, has Ivy Cooper heading for the hills. She isn't looking for a comfortable future, she wants something more, something that will make her heart race.
And her heart only beats harder when she's with Jack her playboy boss. While Rick's comfort is cosy, Jack's protection makes her feel like she's in a fortress...and his style of sex...well, it's like nothing she's ever experienced before...

Rating: ☕☕☕ 1/2 cups (angst and erotica really goes well together!)
Just for the Rush has all the trademark of a Jane Lark novel.  Characters that are very much flawed and often times at the start of the novel unlikable, hot sex and relationships that feel real at times.  Ivy and Jack at the start are hard to like much less root for to be together in fact it feels like they were both playing a gam…

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