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Blog Blitz Tour:The Marriage Agenda by Sarah Ballance

The Marriage Agenda by Sarah Ballance Contemporary Romance Date Published: August 18, 2014

There's a scandal brewing in Washington... 

Knox Hamilton wants his father’s recently vacated Senate seat, but the only way his conservative constituents are going to vote for Knox is if he loses his playboy reputation. Which means Knox needs a wife. There’s only one woman with whom he's willing to share his life, but after the way he broke things off with her, will she give him another chance?

Chloe Lochlan's job is on the line. If she doesn't grab a big headline, she'll be ousted from her gig at the major newspaper where she works as a reporter. Knox's offer of marriage chills her to the bone. He already crushed her heart once and she has no intention of letting it happen again. But being with him gives her the kind of access to top tier social events rarely granted to media, access that could land her the story of a lifetime. When the truth she uncovers threatens to destro…

Hard To Hold (Hard Ink Series) by Laura Kaye: Review and Giveaway

Title: Hard To Hold On To (Hard Ink Series # 2.5) Author: Laura Kaye Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Military Published: August 19, 2014 Publisher: Avon Impulse Rating: ♨♨♨♨ ( A short romance with good characters dealing with very realistic issues, a good addition to a great series)
Hard To Hold On To follows where the last book ended, here we get to explore the simmering attraction between EC and Jenna.  This being a novella, there was a lot of things that felt skipped but only if you fail to read the previous books.  Fans of the series will find a satisfactory ending to EC and Jenna's own love story.  This was more character development and dealing with a lot of psychological issues both for EC and Jenna, an aftermath of their PTSD.   Ms. Kaye was able to write it in a way that wasn't too overwhelming and was in fact subtle considering how heavy the subject matter was.  EC's resolution was excellently crafted and Jenna's own issue wasn't just shoved in a …

Release Day Launch: I Want It That Way (2B Trilogy Series) by Ann Aguirre

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you the Release Day Launch for Ann Aguirre's I WANT IT THAT WAY! I WANT IT THAT WAY is a New Adult contemporary romance and is the first book in the 2B Trilogy Series, published by Harlequin HQN. We are already in love with this series and Ann's characters! Read the excerpt, then go grab your copy today!! Amazon | B&N | BAM | Indiebound | Vroman’s | Book Depository Powell’siTunesSynopsis: Nadia Conrad has big dreams, and she’s determined to make them come true. But between maintaining her college scholarship and working at the local day care to support herself, dating’s the last thing on her mind. Then she moves into a new apartment and meets the taciturn yet irresistible guy in 1B…. Daniel Tyler has grown up too fast. Becoming a single dad at twenty turned his life upside down—and brought him heartache he can’t risk again. Now, as he raises his four-year-old son while balancing a full-time construction management job and night class…

Release Day: The Only Answer by Magan Vernon

We're excited to celebrate the release of The Only Answer by Magan Vernon! The world needs more #TreyChapman's! Check out the excerpt below and let us know what you think!

Author: Magan Vernon Age Group: NA Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: 8/25/14 Goodreads Amazon
The sequel to the international hit, The Only Exception.

A boy burdened with a family legacy.

A girl haunted by a shattered past.

Both searching for answers to a future threatened by the unknown.

Three years ago, conservative Trey Chapman and liberal Monica Remy met their match in one another - and made the only exception that would change their lives forever.

Now, Trey's father is running for president, forcing Trey and Monica to put aside their personal beliefs to be the model of perfection.

But fate has other ideas, casting the family in scandal.

Some seek to use that disgrace to further their family legacy, while others refuse to let go of the past. Trey and Monica soon find themselves lost among q…

Blog Tour: Batter Up

She mixes more than flour and sugar into her cake batter, and he’s about to find out if a little bit of magic is to his taste...
Bakeshop owner Emma Stevens has a secret — a delicious, slightly unorthodox secret. Each Monday, she mixes up a premonition to share with the bachelors of Buttermilk Falls, and sets one lucky man on the path to true love.
When reporter Jason Levine finds himself mixed up in a Las Vegas bachelorette party, he hears the strangest rumour: the marriage is happening thanks to magic cake batter. Seriously sceptical, and sick of frauds, Jason journeys to the backwater town of Buttermilk Falls to expose the baker and release the townspeople from her evil clutches.
But when Jason meets Emma, tempers flare and sparks fly. Will Jason cling to his logic at the expense of a future, or will he let himself fall under Emma’s spell?

Review: An engaging and lighthearted romance with elements that may be considered magical. Emma has a special touch in the batter she whips up ev…

When the Cypress Whispers by Yvette Manessis Corporon

A nostalgic tale about childhood, love, lore and family, When the Cypress Whispers attempts to capture the longings of a young woman who reached the American Dream and yet torn and bound to her old roots.
Daphne arrives to the island of Erikousa, Greece after six years. Being a four-star chef in New York, there was no time to visit her grandmother to whom she spent many beautiful Greek summers as a child growing up in America. With all the happy memories the island brought to her, Daphne has decided to have her own wedding take place on the island.
But as the day of the affair approaches, the spirit of family and the island life stirs something in her, awakens her into new understandings and reminding her of things she had forgotten in her busy life. Her grandmother, whom she calls Yia-yia, harbors secrets; stories of old about cypresses whispering, stories of wisdom and unfailing courage which Yia-yia yearns to impart to her beloved granddaughter before it’s too late.

Release Day Launch: Hard To Hold On To (Hard Ink Series) by Laura Kaye

We are so excited to bring you the Release Day Launch for Laura Kaye's HARD TO HOLD ON TO! HARD TO HOLD ON TO is a Contemporary Romance filled with suspense and is a novella in the Hard Ink Series, published by Avon Impulse (an imprint of HarperCollins). And if this novella weren't hot enough on its own, Laura is donating 100% of her proceeds from the first two weeks' sales to a national non-profit organization that assists veterans transitioning back to civilian life!!
Amazon | | Amazon UK | B&N | iTunes | KoboEXCERPT:
Easy tugged down the covers and gestured for Jenna to get in. She chose the side that would allow her to lie on the uninjured side of her face. “After what you’ve been through, I don’t want to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable,” Easy said. Propping herself on an elbow, Jenna shook her head. “You won’t. You’re the—” She blanched as if she hadn’t meant to say whatever she’d nearly said. Which made Easy need to know. He crawled on …

The Forest Lover by Susan Vreeland

The Forest Lover tells the life of Emily Carr, a Canadian painter who endeavours to capture the untamed beauty of the Northwest landscape in her paintings and preserve the memory of Aboriginal totem poles that is slowly dying.
After readingThe Passion of Artemisia, I started collecting Susan Vreeland books for its intimate portrayals of women and their passion in art. Emily displays the common qualities of Vreeland’s selection of figures; an ardent spirit and inimitable courage. The fictional account, based on some historical facts, depicts the journeys of Emily along the windy coast of British Columbia visiting old villages of the indigenous people, traipsing amidst the dense foliage of the old forests, and her struggle of identity in her art.
Vreeland’s writing, blustery and mournfully introspective, almost echoes the atmosphere of the scenery. It is not perhaps a coincidence that it mirrors the way Emily delivers her brushstrokes on canvas, catching the spirit of the elements and rev…

BLOG TOUR: Hate To Love You by Elise Alden

New Adult Contemporary Romance Date Published: June 2, 2014 BUY LINKS:Amazon/Barnes and Noble

Book Synopsis: Despite my slutty reputation, I was technically a virgin at eighteen. But it turns out all those sex-ed teachers aren’t just trying to scare you. The faint positive on the budget pregnancy test sent me spinning, moments before I was supposed to meet my snooty sister’s new fiancé. Shaking hands with upper-crusty James was like downing a triple shot of vodka. Dizzy with desire, confused by my body’s reaction, and shocked by the possessiveness flashing in his eyes, I deceived him that night and told the world at their wedding reception. The truth? I slept with my sister’s fiancé. Hot and sweaty, all night long in a room so dark he couldn’t tell I wasn’t her. The lie? Said fiancé is the father of my child. The one I signed over my rights to just before he was born. That was seven years ago. It’s time to come clean.

REVIEW:  This is rated ♨♨♨ 1/2 cups for the excellent writing and a hero…

BLOG TOUR: The Only Answer by Magan Vernon

The Only Answer is an excellent follow up to Magan Vernon's The Only Exception. This time around we get to find out what happens to that beloved couple Trey and Monica. Its been three years since they were first together and it seems everything is running on track, even the liberal minded Monica doesn't seem to be rebelling on the idea she's following the more conservative route in life. But a little surprise for this couple which should have been wonderful seems to cause a whole heap of problems for them and the people around. What are they suppose to do now. The Only Answer,  like the first book deals with a lot of common social issues that most new adults would or have encountered in real life. There is some angst but fans of HEA would surely love how Trey and Monica never lose sight of what's important despite the pressure they seem to be facing. This was a fun and delightful read especially for fans of The Only Exception. Lighthearted, romantic with real s…

Portrait of Stella by Susan Wuthrich

One perfectly normal Monday, Jemima Ashton receives a letter that will change her life. She finds out there are no records of her existence in the UK system and her birth certificate appears to be a forgery. 
With an imminent investigation happening, she is out on a quest for answers leading her to her late mother Stella’s past and everything she had ever known about herself and her parents is turned upside down.  
Portrait of Stella is a tale of a woman’s search to discover who she is, of old family secrets and a history wrought of disparity. Spanning from the tumultuous years of the Second World War to the dawning changes of early twenty first century, Jemima’s journey takes her to an abandoned vineyard where a shocking surprise awaits her. In short, it reads like a vintage family saga but with a dash of modern writing style.

BLOG TOUR: Featuring Pick Me by Erika Marks and Flirting with Disaster by Kim Boykin

Today we are hosting a blog tour for Southern Born Books featuring two titles Pick Me by Erika Marks and Flirting with Forever by Kim Boykin.  Two stories set in the south with great characters and  two different story lines.  Read on for a giveaway and a special recipe!
One of the greatest things about living in South Carolina, or just across the border in NC is, you’re no more than three hours from a slew of great lakes, as well as, the beach and the mountains. One of my favorite things to do is load up our two labs and one Jack Russell Terrorist and head to the Isle Of Palms! The IOP is just about the happiest place on earth, sorry Mickey and Minnie, because it’s this wonderful sleepy little beach town AND best of all, it’s only twenty minutes from Charleston. SIGH. One of the most beautiful cities on the planet, at least that I know of:-)
I stay busy beach combing, biking, cooking and, everyone’s favorite Lowcounty activity, dining out. …

Book to Film: Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence

Women in Love follows the lives and loves of the Brangwen sisters, Ursula and Gudrun. Set in a coal mining town surrounded by the pastoral English countryside, it explored divergent reflections about humanity and relationships in the spur of industrialization, which resounds most of D.H. Lawrence's works.

If I have to speak how this book affected me, I'd give you an image of a distant train chugging toward the platform I stood on. The rumbling noise perks up my reverie, then becomes insistently louder until the shrill whistle and mayhem of wheels and steam blast on my face rattling my consciousness.

There was nothing placid nor ideally romantic about this book. Lawrence writes with intense, charged and sensual gusto. If he meant to express love in this way then in a different abstract plane, I get him. Otherwise, his prose mostly took up the hat of romanticism. I am quite arrested by his interesting vocabulary and considering the ban issues on the author's books during his…

Kanyakumari by Hazel Manuel

Two friends, Rachel and Gina travel to India on a holiday trip settling for a time in Kanyakumari. Being long time travel companions, they went sightseeing, made friends, and drank on drinks and sunsets on Sarada’s beach shack.

But something seems not right. A week after, Rachel was off to Mumbai with Pravi, a friend they just met, and Gina keeps to herself. Meanwhile, letters dated years ago sent to Perelle by a woman named Sandrine juxtaposes into the scene. What was Gina hiding? Was it proper for Rachel to just leave without much adieu? Who is Sandrine?
These questions are the root of this; I shall call it, ‘coming of wisdom’ novel which I as a reader also came into. It was quite unpredictable and unexpectedly making me wary in the foreshadowing of things. There is a certain awareness drifting between the words, a subtle dawning of things, tweaking my alertness and yet I couldn’t know which or what will hit me.
Kanyakumari also narrates as a traveler’s journal. Each character’s accoun…

There's A Secret About to be Revealed, Are you ready for it?

The Paris Secrets Trilogy in Paperback August 1, 2014

This fun and flirty erotic romance trilogy by Michele Renae is comprised of the stories, WINDOW (review), SCREEN(review), and SKIN and is being released as a complete novel in paperback today!

Set in Paris, it follows the American heroine who discovers her fantasy man lives across the street from her—and a window affair begins. Mutual self-pleasure graduates to cyber-sex, and then in the concluding story, they finally come together, skin to skin.  Fans of this series will finally be able to read the whole story before the release of the third installment SKIN as a digital copy.