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Release Day Blitz: Elements of Chemistry: HEAT by Penny Reid

Heat by Penny Reid
Hypothesis #2
Publication Date:  April 30, 2015
Amazon• Barnes & Noble• iBooks• Kobo Elements of Chemistry: HEATis part 2 of a 3 part series (65k word novel) and ends in a cliffhanger. **Blurb contains spoilers if you haven’t read Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION**
Four days left.
Private beach (…and boat).
Not so invisible girl.
And maybe less of a jerk-faced bully than originally thought.
What’s the worst (or the best) that could happen? Kaitlyn is finding life outside of the science cabinet of obscurity to be quite illuminating …and so are her pants.
When things heat up between Kaitlyn Parker and Martin—previously known as the jerk-faced bully—Sandeke, she places her trust in the one person she never thought capable of earning it, let alone keeping it safe. Fortunately or unfortunately for Kaitlyn, where she gives her trust she can’t help but also give her heart. But how will the world beyond the sanctuary of their newfound connection re…

His First and Last by Terri Osburn A Review and Excerpt

Title: His First and Last Author: Terri Osburn Release Date: April 21, 2015 Publisher: Montlake Romance Genre: Contemporary Romance Rating: ☕☕☕☕ 4 cups (A funny and poignant second chance at love with a lovable cast of characters guaranteed to keep you smiling until the last page.)
Review: A small town romance about second chances, Loreta and Spencer will have you rooting and laughing all at once. A sweet, poignant and almost real life in its depiction of First Love lost and found again. Great story telling set in a backdrop in the small town of Ardent Spring, His First and Last will leave you with a smile in your heart.
At eighteen, Lorelei Pratchett couldn’t wait to get out of her hometown. Twelve years later, her Hollywood dreams have fizzled and she’s back—temporarily, she thinks. Though she throws herself into saving the old theater and starting a baking business, small towns have long memories, and Lorelei’s wild past still haunts her. It doesn’t help that her ex-boyfriend, Sp…

Release Day: The Happy Hour Choir by Sally Kilpatrick & Lavina by Mary Marcus

It goes on sale today! The Happy Hour Choir by Sally Kilpatrick and Lavina by Mary Marcus will be released today. Two novels about the different faces of the American South. Don't forget to catch our blog reviews to these books soon!

From debut author Sally Kilpatrick comes a hopeful tale of love and redemption in a quiet Southern town where a lost soul finds her way with the help of an unlikely circle of friends. . .
Life has dealt Beulah Land a tough hand to play, least of all being named after a hymn. A teenage pregnancy estranged her from her family, and a tragedy caused her to lose what little faith remained. The wayward daughter of a Baptist deacon, she spends her nights playing the piano at The Fountain, a honky-tonk located just across the road from County Line Methodist. But when she learns that a dear friend's dying wish is for her to take over as the church's piano player, she realizes it may be time to face the music. . .

Beulah butts heads with Luke D…

Dragons Are People Too by Sarah Nicolas (Review)

TitleDragons Are People, Too
AuthorSarah Nicolas
Genre: Young Adult/Teen Fiction, Paranormal Series, Action/Adventure
Published: April 28, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Rating: ☕☕☕☕ 4 of 5 cups ( A fast paced action adventure paranormal series with a feisty weredragon heroine guaranteed to keep you guessing who the bad guys really are with a cute side romance)

Dragons are People Toois a teen-young adult action adventure series set in the world where WereDragons are part of a secret spy network that works for the government. Katherine "Kitty" Lung is a promising spy whose parentage is quite prestigious when it comes to espionage. But everything comes to an abrupt halt when her race, the Were Dragons, have been outed and now being contained by the CIA. Its up to her and her best friend Sani to save their people, rescue the President's son and find out who the bad guys really were. It doesn't really help that she's been in love with Sani for years now and h…

The Antique Love by Helena Fairfax

Antique and romance go hand in hand in this gentle story about blossoming love and not settling for the second best.

The Antique Love begins in an awkward note as first meetings go. Perhaps, in part, due to its jerky momentum best displayed by our heroine with her romantic imagination going on full throttle only to have her bubble burst. Apparently our so-called cowboy is not the swashbuckling, lasso in hand, riding into the sunset kind but a man of finance. Yes, with as much romance as there in numbers.

It was only after the first meeting that things become quite engaging as we get to know each of them through a succession of meetings. As Penny refurbishes Kurt's new dwelling in London, they settled into a comfortable state and slowly Kurt gets drawn into her dreamer ways.

We see Penny become more and more adorable most especially in how she sees beauty in old things and in peoples' hearts. She is the type of person one must look closer to find what a gem she is, just like ho…

Cherise Sinclair's Master of Freedom: Review and Excerpt

Title: Master of Freedom: A Mountain Masters Novella Author: Cherise Sinclair Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica Published: April 14, 2015 Rating:☕☕☕☕ (4 steaming cups) A thrilling adventure romance set in the world of BDSM, delightful Atticus and Virginia with their combustible chemistry sets the pages of your book on fire.  Captivating and engaging a welcome addition to the series. Review: Master of Freedom was a welcome addition to the Mountain Masters and Dark Haven series.  This time its Atticus Ware's time in finding his true love/sub.  Enter Gin or Virginia as Att is often calling her.  Recovering from a broken engagement, she's transferred homes and made a drastic change in her job, being a social worker in prison.  When she meets Att she's finding out that her inner submissive wants to let go but is too scared to try.  Att and Gin were truly delightful as a character and the inner workings of BDSM when one partner is reluctant to try is truly well crafted here.  Ms. S…

Nightbird by Alice Hoffman

"Some things could only be found in Sidwell it seemed: pink apples, black owls, and my brother, James."

Books of Alice Hoffman never fail to put a dash of magic to an otherwise ordinary and banal day. To get lost in her world with its spellbinding story and fantasy intertwined, as denotes her books, is always something I look forward. So when Nightbird recently came out, I was pleased to grab a hold of it (and ignored my reading list by putting it first).

This is something new, for a start, from her other books I've read. It is like a children story told at bedtime. Yet, I didn't mind and find it very much enchanting. Magic and childhood always go hand in hand and I refuse to have my sinister adulthood rear its sarcastic head.

In a lot of ways, I believe there is a Twig in all of us; in her interests, awkward bearings, and insecurities. That all we needed is someone who could help us bloom, coax us out of our shell and stick with us despite the odds. I loved all the …

Release Week Blitz: Hard To Be Good (A Hard Ink Novella) by Laura Kaye

We are so, so excited to bring you guy the Release Week Blitz for Laura Kaye's HARD TO BE GOOD!! HARD TO BE GOOD is a novella in Laura's Hard Ink Series, published by Avon Romance. We absolutely loveLaura's Hard Ink men and are so excited to see Jeremy and Charlie get their HEA!!  Amazon | | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | iTunes| KoboHARD TO BE GOOD on GoodreadsAbout HARD TO BE GOOD: Hard Ink Tattoo owner Jeremy Rixey has taken on his brother’s stateside fight against the forces that nearly killed Nick and his Special Forces team a year before. Now, Jeremy’s whole world has been turned upside down—not the least of which by a brilliant, quiet blond man who tempts Jeremy to settle down for the first time ever. Recent kidnapping victim Charlie Merritt has always been better with computers than people, so when he’s drawn into the SF team’s investigation of his army colonel father’s corruption, he’s surprised to find acceptance and friendship—especially since his fat…

Quick Review: Seduced by Sunday (Weekday Brides #6) by Catherine Bybee

Title:Seduced by Sunday
Author:Catherine Bybee Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense Published: April 14, 2015 Publication: Montlake Romance Rating: ♨♨♨♨ ( 4 of 5 cups) Review: Excellently written, when reading The Weekday Bride series by Catherine Bybee, you definitely get more than a hot romance, you get a suspense thriller mystery instead. And Seduced by Sunday is no exception. This time around its Meg's turn, Alliance is definitely a matchmaking company for both clients and employees. Meg Rosenthal relishes her job at Alliance and is definitely not looking for her own romantic happily ever after. In fact she's avoiding it at all cost. But while researching in fantasy island type resort that makes sure privacy is the final word, she meets the quite handsome but reserve Valentino Masini. Val has built his island to cater to the rich and famous ensuring that what happens on the island stays on the island. He never envisioned someone like Meg and what he sees definite…

Release Day Launch: Master of Freedom by Cherise Sinclair

We are extremely excited to bring you the Release Day Launch for Cherise Sinclair's MASTER OF FREEDOM! MASTER OF FREEDOM is a Contemporary Erotic Romance novella in Cherise’sMountain Masters Series! This is a 1001 Dark Nights novella so it is exclusively available as Amazon Kindle and Paperback!

Amazon Kindle ** Amazon Paperback  About MASTER OF FREEDOM

 Detective Atticus Ware gave up his beloved Idaho to start again in the mountains of California, close to his imprisoned brother. He has a rewarding job and friends, but the experienced Dominant wants more than the Do-Me submissives who flock around him. He needs a woman who will give her heart as well as her body. Virginia, “Gin,” is damn good at her challenging career as a prison psychologist. However, one problem inmate is mired in misery and unable to overcome his guilt at causing a friend’s death. To clear her mind, she joins a friend’s kinky backpacking excursion, planning to hide in her tent during the evening BDSM pursui…