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Amanda Quick's Crystal Gardens

The first chapter opens with our main character, Evangeline Ames, getting out of bed in the middle of the night, ready to climb out her window to escape a killer.  She heads for the only place she knows she might be safe, the eerie Crystal Gardens Manor.  Successfully evading her would-be killer, she runs right into the new owner of the house, Lucas Sebastian.  From here, they go on a wild ride of murders, treasure hunts and evading man-eating plants along with observing proprieties while engaging in romantic interludes of course. If you are a fan of Amanda Quick, then you won't be disappointed with this book.  We have our feisty and independent heroine, Evangeline Ames, currently residing in Fern cottage next to Crystal Gardens.  On holiday from her job as a paid companion in London, she suddenly finds herself in the middle of her own murder attempt while trying to investigate the secrets of Crystal Gardens. Then there is Lucas Sebastian, our dark and mysterious hero, the owner …

A Summer Reading: Thornyhold by Mary Stewart

Set in the quiet and drowsy English countryside, this is a quiet tale of a lonely child growing up into a young woman and traveling to a cottage deep in the forests of Wiltshire county, where she settled in to the air of mystery surrounding Thornyhold.
The heroine is Gilly Ramsey, who spent a miserable childhood being starved for affection from a cold mother and a religious father when a visit from a distant godmother opened her eyes to the wonders of nature and the world around her. Years passed and she inherited her godmother's house and garden, along with it her known reputation as the local 'white witch', friendly but odd neighbors and other strange happenings.

Get The Fever: Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series

By now most who follow the paranormal genre, romantic or otherwise, have gotten "The Fever" since Ms. Karen Marie Moning first released DarkFever, her first book in a 5 book series.  DarkFeverintroduces us to MacKayla Lane, a beautiful blonde Southern gal in her twenties, who has a really good life, a loving home with wonderful indulging parents and an older sister who she adores.  But this all changes when she gets  a phone call from Dublin telling her that her sister was dead.   Convinced that her sister's mysterious death was not properly being investigated, she travels to Dublin, Ireland to find out what happened.  From there the story starts getting more interesting. 

Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros: Romance in Twitterworld

Romance in the age of social media.  That is the theme of this contemporary romance penned by the best selling writer Teresa Medeiros.  A departure from her usual genre of historical romances, this seemingly lighthearted tale starts from one "hello!"  set in the ever popular world of Twitter.

Welcome To Book Exchange Cafe

Welcome to Book Exchange Cafe where we discuss,whatelse but books! Done over a cup of coffee or tea or whatever one prefers.  Here we hope to have conversations about current books that we are reading whatever genre it is with friends of the same mind. Yes those book addicts who love caffeinated beverages of all types! So enjoy and thoughts and ideas about the books being discussed are  so welcome.