Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros: Romance in Twitterworld

Romance in the age of social media.  That is the theme of this contemporary romance penned by the best selling writer Teresa Medeiros.  A departure from her usual genre of historical romances, this seemingly lighthearted tale starts from one "hello!"  set in the ever popular world of Twitter.

The heroine is Abby Donovan, a best selling author, almost a Pulitzer Prize winning one at that, who at the beginning of the book was suffering from dreaded writer's block.  In fact she's been trying to write the same book for years.  Her agent and publisher are about to axe her.  What was she to do. Enter the social media world of Twitter.   Her agent suggested it would be good for her career.  And from then on, well you have to read the book to find out.  Seriously, its like falling in love in 140 characters or less (as the book blurb states!)

This tale is funny and witty and poignant.  Its written for the most part like your everyday tweets and the rapid fire dialogue between Abby and Mark are hilarious.  Each day they end their convo with the tag "Goodnight Tweetheart" hence the title.  There's even a playlist!   

I was in KL, browsing thru a bookstore when this book caught my eye.  The title was intriguing, it seemed lighthearted and obviously was a romance.  I flipped through it noticing that nearly the whole book was written in twitterverse.  Funny enough it was written by Teresa Medeiros, a well known and prolific bestselling author of historical romances.  I have never known her to have written anything in the contemporary setting.  I knew her style of writing and I can never really go wrong in buying the book and so I did.  I wasn't able to read it right away, in fact I got home from my trip, unpacked started regular life before I dug thru my pile of to-reads.  I pulled it out from the pile, started reading it and was laughing throughout and then crying near the end.  The way Abby and Marks romance unfolds thru Twitter of all places was just genius.  I mean these were conversations of 140 characters or less and despite that was still really funny and poignant.   The main setting is New York City, well mostly in front of the computer and those nontwitterverse prose were through Abby's point of view.

Warning though, the first edition of the book did not carry the added epilogue so be sure that the copy you get will have it or else it would feel like a let down.  This was the feeling I got from various readers and comments on website who got the first edition.  Here is a link for the deleted conversation from the author's website to give you a hint of what the book is like at the same time isn't really giving out a spoiler( click here)

Read this book and tell me what you think of it.  Now off to grab my Iced Tea!

Title: "Goodnight Tweetheart"
Author: Teresea Medeiros
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: 2011 Paperback Edition
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
My Rating: ♨♨♨♨ 1/2( coffee cup stars)


  1. I have this on my 'want to read' list. Sounds too funny. :)

    1. Read it and don't be like Rush who asks twenty million questions even before reading it :)


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