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Which Type of Historical Romance Heroine Are You? Take the Quiz to Find out

Authors Grace Burrowes, Katie MacAlister and Shana Galen collaborated on this quiz to find out if readers are either royalty, an operative or a member of a retinue.  Who better to know than these three talented authors of historical romances.  As a special treat there is a rafflecopter giveaway with dozens of books for prizes!  So take the quiz!

Quiz: Which Type of Historical Romance Heroine Are You?
#1 What word best describes you?
a) effervescent b) nonconfrontational (mostly)  c) stealthy
#2 My favorite hobby is ...
a) comparative study of the male form b) looking after my darling baron    c) target practice
#3 What is the perfect late night snack?
a) bread, cheese, meats, lemon tarts … whatever can be liberated from the kitchen b) the baron's kisses c) ratafia, shaken not stirred
#4 My ideal man must have ...
a) a sublime derriere b) an aptitude for growing hardy, contrary flowers  c) brains
#5 What accessory do you never leave home without?
a) my corset (large bosoms are such a trial) b) my comp…

BLOG TOUR: Between The Sheets by Molly O' Keefe

July 2014 Boys of Bishop, book #3

We are very happy to bring to you the latest release by the talented Molly O' Keefe "Between The Sheets" the third book in her Boys of Bishop series. I simply loved this story and gave it 5 cups (review here) and the characters were simply amazing.  To celebrate the release of Between The Sheets  we asked Ms. O' Keefe for her playlist, the songs that reflect what her characters are all about and she kindly provided it for us today.

Touch Not The Cat by Mary Stewart

When not in the mood to tackle my ‘currently reading’ list, I often curl up to a volume of Mary Stewart which has become a comfort read.
Here our heroine, Bryony Ashley, was off in the Madeira when she received a summons from an Ashley cousin from England that her father was in danger. The cousin, who remains unknown, is connected to her through the unique Ashley ‘Sight’, communicating with each other using their minds. When she returns to Ashley Court, a crumbling Tudor manor surrounded by a moat, after her father’s death, she noticed some valuable things are disappearing. Before long, she couldn’t help feeling the danger for herself as well.
In most of Mary Stewart novels, the mystery gradually unfolds through varying circumstances in the disguise of strangeness and sometimes magic. In Touch Not the Cat, the element of the supernatural (like the Ashley Sight) is genuinely part of the story, which adds a different kind of thrill on top of her usually laid out puzzles.

The Art Restorer by Julian Sanchez

Enrique Alonso, a successful novelist, was in the coastal city of San Sebastian after three years to attend the grand opening of the revamped San Telmo museum which houses the immense mural paintings of the renowned Spanish painter Jose Maria Sert. Days after, a body washes up the shore.
It was Craig Buckner, a retired art restorer with expertise on Sert and was doing a paper on his paintings as well as being a close friend to Enrique’s ex-wife, Bety who presently works at the museum. Bety asks Enrique’s assistance to research the mysterious death of her friend and if his untimely demise was spurred by Craig’s great knowledge about Sert.
Before long, Bety and Enrique were on a trail of clues retracing the footsteps of Buckner’s last few days and following the history of Sert’s life in Paris during the Second World War among others. Amidst the measured pursuit, both were forced to confront their own repressed turmoil and painful past in each other’s presence.
The Art Restorer is written…

Launch Day Blitz: Desired (Club Sin) by Stacey Kennedy: Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway

Publisher: Loveswept (Random House Publishing Group) ISBN: 9780553391183 Release date: July 22, 2014

Book Synopsis: Kyler Morgan, Master at the legendary Club Sin in Las Vegas, knows how to give women what they want—too well. He hasn’t had a real challenge in a long time. Then Ella Snow enters his life. Beautiful, inhibited, and innocent in the ways of submission and domination, Ella is the new blood he’s been lusting after. Soon, the thrill of training her to embrace his world brings forth desires Kyler cannot control. After ending an abusive relationship, Ella makes a promise to herself to start living life to the fullest. It’s one of the reasons she seeks out Club Sin. Here, Kyler’s every touch is a lesson in liberation, stirring passions that have no bounds. But as she falls under Kyler’s command, Ella discovers that some secrets are so dark they must come to light. Submission alone may not be enough to save her, leaving her Master with only one question:How can he help Ella heal while …

Cover Reveal: Dante's FIre by Jennifer Probst

Here is the cover for DANTE'S FIRE, the upcoming title by New York Times Bestselling author Jennifer Probst. The book will be released on August 26th.
It’s Time To Meet A New Kind Of Hero...
Dante Stark has a dark secret--a legacy left to him by his father which is both a blessing and a curse. A traumatic experience as a small boy gave him special powers of healing, but it comes with a price. Destined to wander the world alone to heal others, he's accepted his fate. Until Selina Rogers forces him to confront his deepest fears, erotic desires, and question his capacity to love.
Selina Rogers has made a name for herself at Inferno Enterprises. She's tough, confident and prepared to succeed. She's also built a world she believes is safe, until she's attacked and then saved by a masked stranger. As he helps her heal physically and emotionally, she becomes fascinated by his overwhelming power and gentle touch. Determined to show Dante the love he's been den…

All Passion Spent by Vita Sackville-West

Sentimentality, choices not taken and hope merged in this little classic.

After the death of her husband, Lady Slane, in her late eighties, moved out of the London family home, to the surprise of her children, and decided to spend her remaining days away from the bustle and clamor of her old life.

As she settled in an old house in Hampstead, she reveled in her freedom, met acquaintances who understood her plight and spent her days looking back on the past; marrying at seventeen and becoming a wife to a viceroy. Under the shadows of her garden, she contemplated wistfully about her old dreams of becoming a serious painter, the promise of youth and the freedom to take what one wants.

Vita Sackville-West, like her friend V. Woolf, echoed the inevitable ends of women in this thoughtful novel. By way of nostalgia, she expressed the ruminations of a life found wanting. She spoke further of how easily women's lives (or selves) could be swallowed up in the wake of marriage, children and s…

The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner

Fourteen year old Yann Margoza is happily living in a run-down theatre in Paris with his foster father Tetu and old friend Topolain the magician. Born with special gifts, Yann and his two companions performed to full houses using their special talents for entertainment.

Count Kalliovski has heard of these amazing performances and invited the trio to perform in a party at the chateau of Marquis de Villeduval. Astonished by the invitation, Topolain immediately agreed and the three set off for the party.

Little did they know that this invitation will be the start of a long and dangerous battle against evil..

One More Night (Seductive Nights Series #3) by Lauren Blakely: Exclusive Excerpt

Clay and Julia's story continues in One More Night, the final installment in Lauren Blakely's Seductive Night Series.  In anticipation of the release we have an exclusive excerpt and giveaway today.  Read on for more!

Your presence is requested for another installment in the tale of Julia and Clay, two red-hot lovers. Come inside their world of passion and suspense once more for a deliciously erotic and heart-poundingly dangerous story of pearls, handcuffs, thieves, mobsters, poker and pleasure in the city of sin…
Happy endings don’t come easily. They’re hard-won and Clay Nichols is going to have to keep earning his…

Now living together in New York with her debt safely paid off, sexy bartender Julia Bell and hot-as-hell entertainment lawyer Clay thought their future was clear sailing.

But life doesn’t work that way and the fiery lovers run into a slew of new challenges as Clay tries to put a ring on it. Trouble looms in every corner–trouble from clients, trou…

Cover Reveal: The Only Answer by Magan Vernon

We are thrilled to share the cover for The Only Answer, by Magan Vernon!

Title: The Only Answer Author: Magan Vernon Age Group: NA Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: 8/11/14 Goodreads

The sequel to the international hit, The Only Exception.
A boy burdened with a family legacy.
A girl haunted by a shattered past.

Both searching for answers to a future threatened by the unknown.

Three years ago, conservative Trey Chapman and liberal Monica Remy met their match in one another - and made the only exception that would change their lives forever.
Now, Trey's father is running for president, forcing Trey and Monica to put aside their personal beliefs to be the model of perfection.

But fate has other ideas, casting the family in scandal.

Some seek to use that disgrace to further their family legacy, while others refuse to let go of the past. Trey and Monica soon find themselves lost among questions that challenge their true feelings. Will they be able to rediscover that the only answer l…

At Least You're in Tuscany by Jennifer Criswell

At Least You're in Tuscany is a lively and honest memoir of Italy, a breath of fresh air among others I've read. It displays an intimate portrait of the pulse, the quirks and the realities of a small Tuscan town.

Just as well, the book does not merely wax poetic about the beautiful Tuscan scenery but, more importantly, it attempts to bridge the yawning gap of cultural intricacies and present them in a much closer and understandable light.

After taking a few holiday trips in Italy, Jennifer Criswell decided to finally move to the beautiful hill town of Montepulciano and become a writer. Quite easier said and dreamt than done, but she held on to her mantra; she may be alone and almost running broke but 'at least she's in Tuscany'.

In her first year of stay, adventures, good and bad, await her and even claiming some old Sicilian roots barely helped. There's none about the joys of renovating a villa or the makings of a romantic crossing-continents love scenario her…

Release Day Blitz: Never Been Kissed by Molly O' Keefe

Book Summary: 
Perfect for readers of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson, Molly O’Keefe’s second novel in her exciting new series—The Boys of Bishop—features an irresistible romance and unforgettable characters in a page-turning story that delivers equal parts emotion and humor . . with a little edge to boot.

As the daughter of a wealthy politician, Ashley Montgomery has had enough of her parents’ expectations for her future and is going her own way, volunteering to work at a refugee camp in Africa. But her act of charity turns dangerous when she takes a boat trip and is abducted by Somali pirates. Enter Brody Baxter, who was a bodyguard for the Montgomery family ten years ago and doesn’t think twice about coming to Ashley’s rescue. Handsome and tough, Brody has always done what needed to be done. So he swoops in, saves Ashley, and brings her to a place where she can rest and recuperate without the glare of the press and her demanding family: Brody’s small hometown of Bishop, A…

Release Day Blitz: The Captive by Grace Burrowes

Author: Grace Burrowes Release Date: July 1, 2014 Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca Genre: Historical Romance

Captured and tortured by the French, Christian Severn, Duke of Mercia, survives by vowing to take revenge on his tormentors. Before the duke can pursue his version of justice, Gillian, Countess of Greendale, reminds him that his small daughter has suffered much in his absence, and needs her papa desperately.
Gilly endured her difficult marriage by avoiding confrontation and keeping peace at any cost. Christian's devotion to his daughter and his kindness toward Gilly give her hope that she could enjoy a future with him, for surely he of all men shares her loathing for violence in any form. Little does Gilly know, the battle for Christian's heart is only beginning.

Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway!

Release Day Launch: Harder by Robin York

We are thrilled to bring you the Release Day Launch for Robin York's HARDER!! HARDER is a New Adult contemporary romance being published by Random House’s Bantam imprint and is the 2nd novel in Robin York’s Caroline & West Series. This book, y'all.Synopsis:

In Robin York’s provocative new novel, two young ex-lovers find themselves together again in the shadow of tragedy—and an intense, undeniable attraction.  Caroline still dreams about West. His warm skin, his taut muscles, his hand sliding down her stomach. Then she wakes up and she’s back to reality: West is gone. And before he left, he broke her heart. Then, out of the blue, West calls in crisis. A tragedy has hit his family—a family that’s already a fractured mess. Caroline knows what she has to do. Without discussion, without stopping to think, she’s on a plane, flying to his side to support him in any way he needs. They’re together again, but things are totally different. West looks edgy, angry at the world. Carol…