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Switched by Cassie Mae was a funny and often frustrating read but highly entertaining. Kayla, Wesley, Reagan and Talon were all friends. Reagan and Talon were a couple while Kayla and Wesley, well they've been pining for these two since high school. Told from Kayla's point of view, she, dragging Wesley along hatches a plan to break the happy couple apart. Because as everyone can see Talon is her soulmate while Wesley is Reagan's. Thus starts the funs and the laughs and the musical chairs between the four. Kayla as a character was frustrating initially for me, I have no idea whether its because she was being an evil bestfriend to Reagan or she really was in love with Talon. I could not really hate nor empathize with her at the start. As the story progressed and the romance part began, her sudden self awareness becomes believable. The pace, the tone and style of writing was excellent. I can see that Cassie Mae has developed her own unique voice in the New Adult/Young Adult Romance genre. Overall, this was very sweet, entertaining and very humorous, fans of romantic comedies won't be disappointed.

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Ever since high school, Kayla has been crazy for gorgeous football player Talon. But before she could muster the courage to tell him, he became a hot item with her beautiful BFF, Reagan. The only person who knows Kayla’s secret is Wesley, Talon’s best bud—and he’s got it bad for Reagan. Now they’re all in college together, hanging out 24/7. For Kayla, seeing the two lovebirds together is absolutely unbearable. So Kayla and Wesley hatch a plot to drive them apart before Talon has a chance to give Reagan the Christmas gift she’s been waiting for.

Soon enough, the once happy couple is fighting. Reagan suddenly can’t get enough of Wesley’s goofy sense of humor, and Talon seems to be paying more attention to Kayla than a guy who’s “only a friend” ever should. But just when everything seems to be falling into place, Kayla and Wesley accidentally spend a night together and discover a hitch in their plan they never considered: that switching partners may not lead to a perfect ending after all

Title: Switched
Author: Cassie Mae
Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance
Published: December 2, 2013
Publisher: Random House Flirt
Rating: ♨♨♨♨ 4 of 5  (Romantic Comedy in the New Adult Genre, this play on romantic musical chairs will have you laughing while trying to strangle the female protagonist and cheering for the other guy)

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  1. Sounds really interesting o.o I hope it's not the typical chick flick kind

    1. Hey Abby, no it definitely isn't typical. The female lead is usually the evil secondary leads in those other books, trying to break up the main couple, only she's way sweeter :)

  2. Thank you so much for this review!! I love your summary next to the rating. I kinda want to copy paste it and use it for promo, lol.


    1. Thank you so much for writing the book! I really liked it and you may copy paste as much as you want :) I feel honored you posted a comment!

  3. I got myself a fancy bookmark in the hopes that I'll start reading more. I should get started with this!

  4. Replies
    1. and you have one more in your TBR pile

  5. Sounds like the perfect book to help me wind down from hectic school schedule. Brilliant review as always! /hops away


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