Roman Holiday by Ruthie Knox (serialized)

Roman Holiday 1: Chained (Roman Holiday #1)
Roman Holiday 1: Chained, is the first book in a 5 part mini-series and for such a short read it delivered the first volley in what is to become another Ruthie Knox hit. Chained introduces us to our protagonists. Ashley is the chained protestor, who is still grief-stricken by her beloved grandmother's death. The subsequent selling of the Sunnyvale Vacation Rentals, the place she use to call home, to the evil land developer from Miami has made her desperate. So desperate she unthinkingly chained herself to a palm tree, with just a bikini and oversize shirt on, and with no provisions whatsoever. Enter the Latino Canadian (he just sound Canadian) land developer who is one hunk of a robot. Roman has everything under control, he'll just wait it out until Ashley has had enough and he can proceed with his plans. He didn't bargain on Ashley's tenacity, her negotiating powers and an oncoming hurricane to screw everything up. I really don't like series in priniciple but Ruthie Knox makes it fun. The signature dialogue, the snappy and witty back and forth repartees are wonderful to read. Her not so stereotypical leads are definitely worth getting to know more. Its like the slow opening of presents. You get thru one layer to get to the good part only to find out there is another layer of goodness to unwrap. This series is going to be addicting because you just can't wait to find out what happens next.

Roman Holiday 2: Hitched (Roman Holiday #2)
In which the road trip starts with the Airstream in tow. The second episode of Roman Holiday: Hitched was a fun ride into the unknown. Literally unknown destination for Roman and Okefenokee for Ashley. Here our two feuding protagonists find themselves in close quarters trying to squash their attraction towards each other. We get to know more about Ashley and Roman in this episode and how childhood experiences have molded them into who they are. There are a lot of jaw clenching and deep breathing (on Roman's part) and a lot trying to irritate the hell out of one person (Ashley's contribution).  This part tells us more about Roman, the way he holds control over everything, his plans for the future.  A future that hopefully has no Ashley to ruin it.  This just makes Ashley more determined than ever.  Funny and witty Roman Holiday's next installment can get here quick enough!

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Author: Ruthie Knox
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Serialized Novel
Published: November 11, 2013 and November 18, 2013
Publisher: Loveswept
Rating: ♨♨♨♨♨5 of 5 (Funny, witty, engaging.  All the elements of a romantic comedy thats both sweet and heartwarming.)