Release Day: Head-Tripped by Nicole Archer: An Ad-Agency Series Novel

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Violinist Effie Murphy moved to New York to pick up the pieces of her life. After six months, she’s still broken, not to mention flat broke. But everything changes one weird night, when she meets Elias, the lead of one of the hottest bands in the world. Except, she doesn’t know that. She also doesn’t know he’s leaving the country soon.

Elias hates life in the spotlight. So when he meets Effie at a random party, he pretends to be an unemployed deadbeat. Why not? He’ll never see her again. Except, he can’t stop thinking about the wild woman who helped him write songs that night.

Erotic content and adult language. Not for readers under 18.

Head-Tripped is the second book in the Ad Agency Series and can be read as a standalone. However, it’s a more fluid experience to start with Book 1, since many of Road-Tripped’s characters are threaded into this book.

Rating/Review: ☕☕☕☕☕ (seriously was I going to rate it anything less?! This was funny, erotic, funny, quirky, poignant, funny! Just read it already!)

Head-Tripped is the next book in Nicole Archer's Ad Agency Series. It's a follow-up to her wonderful and well-received book Road-Tripped and it features Callie's twin sister Effie! Technically this is more a spin-off rather than part of the series since Effie doesn't really work for the same Ad Agency as Callie and Walker but I digress. Anyway, I loved Road-Tripped so Head-Tripped had pretty big shoes to fill and just as I suspected it turned out great! Effie is as different from Callie as night from day and her quirky personality just makes Head-Tripped fantastic. It's is still funny, there's still a sexy male lead, this time he's a brooding rock star, there's still a rocking playlist and there's still a trip! Maybe this should be re-titled as the road trip series with music. Effie and Elias are musicians, they've hit rock bottom with Effie trying to build her music career again and Elias trying to get out of what he feels is his stagnating music. When they meet, sparks fly, fun is had, a connection is made. But can their tenuous relationship survive a concert road trip? 

If you love Road-Tripped you definitely will adore Head-Tripped. If you haven't read the first book, you can easily read this as a stand-alone but go pick up Road-Tripped as well. Highly recommended for readers who like quirky and fun, romantic comedies!  And I am still waiting for the promised Skip book!

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