Release Day Launch: Wolf Bite by Nina West: A Review (Wolf Cove #2)

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We are so excited to bring you the Release Week Blitz for Nina West’s WOLF BITE, the sequel to the #1 Erotic Fiction bestseller, WOLF BAIT. WOLF BITE is the highly anticipated second novel in her Wolf Cove Series releasing on Monday, February 29th! Grab the newest book in this addictive series today!
  Wolf Bite, Book 2

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  About WOLF BITE (Wolf Cove Series #2): 

 Isolated in the luxurious Wolf Cove Hotel in Alaska, Abbi Mitchell is thousands of miles away from her family and friends. 

  In the hands of a predator. Potentially. 

After discovering condemning information about the mercurial man who controls her day-to-day work life and, now, her most intimate private life as well, Abbi's not sure she can continue on with... whateveris going on between her and Henry Wolf. Especially when he's about to be thrown into a fiery media circus ring, and she, along with her reputation, will undoubtedly get dragged into it with him. But breaking things off with the Big Bad Wolf now likely means losing her job and her summer of freedom, and going back to the farm and her controlling mother. 

 She's not doing that. 

Abbi does have something to hold over Henry's head. If he forces her hand. If she has the guts to do what amounts to blackmail. But will the all-powerful Henry Wolf concede, or will she finally feel his bite?   

Rating: ☕☕☕☕ (4 steaming cups of erotica thats guaranteed to keep you really hot) With a very unique take on the billionaire-young ingenue trope, the Wolf Cove series is one erotic coming of age tale that is well worth reading.  The sex is steamy, the men are hot but most importantly our young female heroine is not your typical ingenue. She thinks and is willing to explore her sexuality without any recriminations.  Wolf Bite takes us deeper into the developing relationship of Abbi and Henry Wolf and its not what the readers are expecting.

Review: Wolf Bite starts where the last book ended, with Abbi questioning the moral character of the man she has become involved with.  But unlike other books that explore this particular plot device, Abbi does more of thinking rather than blind acceptance.  Abbi is becoming one female character that might be innocent when it comes to relationships but it doesn't equate in her being dumb as well.  There is a lot of sex and a lot of beginning aspects of romance but its mainly where Abbi starts becoming more sexually adventurous, learning to differentiate sex without any long lasting emotions and sex with someone she cares for deeply.  Because its a trilogy however some of the story line felt a little bit stretched but it doesn't take anything away from this book.  In fact it will probably make you crave more.
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And don’t miss the first book in the Wolf Cove Series, WOLF BAIT! Wolf Bite is Book 2 in the Wolf Cove series and should be read after devouring Wolf Bait (Book 1)...

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 About Nina West:
Nina West lives in the city but spends her summers in the wilderness with her husband. She loves having a steaming cup of cocoa in one hand and a steamy story full of angst in the other. Follow her on Facebook or on Twitter!

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