Release Day: The Dream Crafter: An Entwined Realms Novel by Danielle Monsch

A Legendary Spellbook. Everyone desires it, but he controls it.

The most feared mercenary in the New Realms, Merc takes what he thinks is a routine job – guarding a magic spellbook until a secret auction takes place, one where only the most powerful and influential will have the opportunity to bid. But one moment of carelessness makes this job the most personal he has ever had, and if that wasn’t enough, his dreams are being invaded by a woman who his every instinct warns is trouble, but he can’t stop wanting.

A Legendary Power. Everyone covets it, but can she master it?

One moment of terror took away Amana’s security and her brother’s freedom. Now her life is doing whatever she must to survive, all the while trying to find the way to release her brother from prison. Her answer comes in an offer from the Guild, but the cost is high – using a power she has kept locked away on a man who terrifies her even as he fascinates her.

As the auction draws ever closer, Merc and Amana are drawn into a game of cat-and-mouse, captor and captive as they battle for control, even as they work together to thwart the various factions who are willing to do anything to collect the spellbook for themselves. While grudging respect and mutual desire begin to shape their relationship, in the end, only one can prevail. What will be the ultimate decision, when the price of victory means the end to the other’s dearest dream?
"Care to tell me your name? Most pretty women who kidnap me give me that courtesy.” His voice was easy, no bite to back the words. He was relaxed next to her, a state she doubted he visited in reality. A warrior tension existed in him, a wary edge she’d seen too often to attribute to any but those who fought to survive.

How and who he fought she didn’t know, but here it didn’t matter. Here she was safe, and could enjoy a stroll on a sandy beach with a beautiful man. “Do pretty women kidnap you often?”

“Not as often as I would like.” Without disturbing her arms wrapped around his bicep, he moved his hands into his pockets and continued at the same leisurely pace. “I’d be happy if it stayed to just you, assuming I can convince you to do it again.”
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