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Friends First #4
Laura Drewry
Releasing Oct 13th, 2015

From USA Today bestselling author Laura Drewry comes a warm and witty new Friends First novel—perfect for readers of Jill Shalvis and Susan Mallery. How Forever Feels is a sweet tale about the one that got away . . . and the one that came back.
Maya McKay’s heart is as big as Jack Rhodes’s shoulders are broad. Their chemistry is out of control, but it could never work between them because Jack is more than just best friends with her cheating ex-husband—they’re like brothers. Maya, the sensitive, practical florist, has given up on love and is ready to settle for like. But now that Jack’s around again, he’s stirring up old feelings—and turning Maya’s fantasies into irresistible reality.

Jack blew his chance with Maya years ago when he stepped aside for his best friend, Will, and he’s still kicking himself about it. Maya was promised forever once before, and she got burned. But when Jack realizes that second chances aren’t going to fall out of the sky, he seizes the moment—and the woman he’s always loved—to show her how forever truly feels.

Rating:☕☕☕☕  (a lighthearted feel good romance with a blushing hero, a feisty heroine and friendships that last)
How Forever Feels wraps up ( or so I think) the Friends First series by Laura Drewry and this time its Maya's turn to get a happily ever after. Maya and Jack have been friends twice as long as her marriage lasted and they've clicked since they first met. Everything should be coming up really well in their relationship and could progress into something more if not for one little thing, Jack happens to be BFFs with her ex. And not just BFFs, Jack considers a great depth of gratitude for his BFFs family for taking him on as a foster child. So how can they get beyond that? 
This was actually very different from the first three books despite the main theme of friends becoming lovers. The obstacle Maya and Jack have to face is a thing called Family but then they also have this very special thing between them that's really worth pursuing. And so our intrepid main characters have to decide what to do which is a wonderful plot device because it holds a lot of angst in a very lighthearted romance. Its this wonderful balance between humor and emotions that makes Laura Drewry's books work for me. There are no over the top angsty drama because when you go down that path you get your girlfriends to bonk you on the head and drag you to reality and if you refuse they still support you. As Maya has found out (and she also found out her friends are right all the time!) How Forever Feels is my lighthearted multilayered cup of tea romance, my friends first, unrequited love, blushing heroes, feisty heroine type of love story. Now can we get a Griffin Carr story please!

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USA Today Bestselling author, Laura Drewry had been scribbling things for years before she decided to seriously sit down and write. After spending eight years in the Canadian north, Laura now lives back home in southwestern British Columbia with her husband, three sons, a turtle named Sheldon, and an extremely energetic German shepherd. She loves old tattered books, good movies, country music, and the New York Yankees.


  1. Thank you so much for hosting us today and for the review! Seems there's quite a few people who want to read Griffin's story. . ..LOL Might have to work on that. :)



    1. YES please a Griffin Book :) Totally enjoyed your Friends First series


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