Quick Review: Nothing Serious by Barbara Morgenroth

Somewhere deep inside, a lot of us would like to be Paige Elliot. To just drop away from the urban landscape and start anew, drive into a quiet small town to rejuvenate, live on a cottage with mid-twentieth century furnishing, paint one's own cramp shop space and bicker along with a handsome and aloof antiques dealer who happens to be right next door.

Witty and refreshing albeit with a combined spatter of sarcasm and self-deprecation, Nothing Serious recognizes the imperfections in all of us but remains lighthearted and sweet. Its humor really picked up near the end and I really liked all the technology jokes. Though I am quite not sold to the entangled conspiracy part, Barbara Morgenroth makes it out for us not to take it so seriously (which I think is the heart of this book).

It could have been a typical small town novel, but what makes this book unique is its hilarious voice that I surmise tickles most of us, esp in dire situations. The town's charm isn't so put on, I was won over quite naturally; the handmade and vintage pieces, quirky town figures, auction trips. Most of all, I am rather amazed at the type of art Paige is creating and would have loved to see it in real life.

Leaving the safety of New York, Paige Elliot heads for the Catskills and opens a shop mistakenly called Nothing Serious. Battling internet withdrawal, Paige almost nails her hand to the storefront, avoids zoning board jail and falls deeply in love with the blue-eyed antiques dealer next door. Hunky Jonathan Macklin doesn't trust Paige as far as he can throw his Majorelle cabinet but that doesn't stop him from wondering what getting serious about this quirky, beautiful woman would do to his predictable life.

Title: Nothing Serious
Author: Barbara Morgenroth
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women Fiction, Chick Lit
Published: Dashingbooks
Publisher: September 9, 2013
Rating: ♨♨♨ ( 3 cups - Brimming with wit and humor, it is a delightful read with characters who may or may not win you over.)