Review: Just Pru by Anne Pfeffer

Title: Just Pru 
Author: Anne Pfeffer
Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction, Romance
Published: March 2, 2015
Rating: ♨♨♨♨♨ 5 out of 5 cups 
There are so many reasons why I love this book but mainly it was because Pru was just a great character. Equal parts humor and pathos she is definitely going to be unforgettable. As a whole the book was just all out entertaining and insightful, why in so many ways our neuroses can actually make life more interesting. The plot can be categorized as a coming of age story. Pru comes late to the party called life but when she bravely defies all her programmed anxieties and fears she goes all out to try everything. Hello we've all been there, looking for roads to drive where we just turn right to avoid left turns (and this is literal and not figuratively I might add). For this alone Just Pru is a must read.

"My mother once joked that my dad had wanted to name me Obedience. As if Prudence wasn't bad enough. I was not a Prudence and I never would be."

When twenty-five-year-old Pru Anderson—braless, pajama-clad, and clutching her cat, Chuck—is rescued from her burning Los Angeles apartment, the thing that scares her most is meeting the neighbors. New people make her hide in the bathroom, counting by sevens, but when her home is destroyed, she must turn strangers into friends … or crawl back to the controlling parents she only recently escaped. 

What would her idol, Pepper Hathaway, do? That’s a no brainer: the detective-slash-supermodel heroine from Pru's favorite TV series would take no prisoners while looking fierce in a tankini and stilettos. So when the chance comes to live with her upstairs neighbor, Ellen, a playwright, Pru goes for it.

Thus begin the adventures of Pru, who's never had a job, a friend, or a first kiss. Swept into Ellen's whirlwind life, Pru begins to build her own, as director's assistant for a new play, muse to brooding actor Blake, and possible love interest to adorably neurotic neighbor, Adam. 

Only one thing can derail Pru's exhilarating ride. Well, actually, it's two things—and they're in a car headed straight for LA to torpedo her life. When the past that nearly destroyed her comes calling, who will she be: a Prudence or a Pepper?