The Secret Star by K.C. Finn

It was just another day for 35-year-old-turning-36-tomorrow Jeffrey Mercier, when he woke up on his flat in London in 1969. He went on with his usual routine, going to work for his boring job at Harlan and Locke. It did seem to be an ordinary day, until a young woman told him that he's gonna die in ten minutes if he won't go out of the building. Of course he didn't believe her, yet he found himself outside the building ten minutes later, the building blown up.

He was saved again from a stampede by the same young woman whom he met ten minutes ago, introducing herself as Marie-Elizabeth Giraud. Marie was tasked to save Jeff from death and take him to the Time Agency, where he's going to be inducted as a time agent.

Later that day, Jeffrey Mercier's life as Mister Mercy begins.

After reading K.C. Finn's The Book of Shade, I wanted to check out her other works and decided to read The Secret Star. I'm glad I did, because I loved this book as much as I loved The Book of Shade.

I loved her writing - eloquent and wonderful as usual. This isn't even a historical fiction, but I loved the parts where we go back in time and get to know more about Marie and Jeff's past. The concept of time agents was really interesting.

The characters were just awesome. Once again the author was able to give her readers a wonderful cast of characters. The romances in the book were so good and I found myself rooting for the pairs of lovers.

The surprises and plot twists that the author has in store for her readers were enough to keep me on my toes the whole time. If you're a fan of time-travelling stories, adventure and romance - this one is definitely a good read!

Title: The Secret Star
Author: K.C. Finn
Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy
Published: 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Rating: ♨♨♨♨♨


  1. Reisheru, thank you so much for this review! I have just been pointed this way by a friend, I so wish you had let me know this was here I would have been ecstatic to come over sooner and see that you enjoyed The Secret Star so much!
    If you have the time to put this review on Amazon for me that would be a huge help! :)
    Much love!


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