The Penkeepers by Taylor Hartley

Hollie Selix spent her summer feeling out of place like there was a place she needed to go to. One day, she starts hearing voices in her head and suddenly gets whisked by a stranger who she almost crashed her car into. The stranger, Arthur, takes her to Sahara where he tells her she is the new Penkeeper - a person chosen in every generation with the power to dictate lives and write history.

However, darkness is rising and is waiting for the moment to strike. Will Hollie be able to carry on with her new responsibility and save the world?

The Penkeepers started off with our heroine, Hollie, living her normal life. Suddenly, just like her, the readers are whisked to the House of Penn, miles away from her home and her life. She starts her life as Penkeeper as she steps in to the place where human history is written, made and stored.

The novel boasts relatable and easy to love characters. Hollie is our unwilling protagonist, who lived a normal life then suddenly finds herself with the responsibility of ending a war and saving the world. We learn of her fears, her weaknesses and cheer on as our heroine tries to fulfill her destiny. Readers will also be torn as to which boy deserves our heroine - Is it her daredevil bestfriend Thatcher whom she has loved almost all of her life? Or is it the charming warrior Aidan whom she's becoming fond of? Other supporting characters such as Arthur (who I kept imagining as Mr. Weasley), Benjamin, Celeste, Wisteria and Amar are also wonderful.

The author manages to keep the reader's attention with all of the plot twists and surprises she has in store. As I reached the ending of the novel, I found myself wanting for the book's sequel, determined to find out what happens to the heroine and the consequences of her actions and the fate of the characters that I had came to love.

The Penkeepers is definitely a page-turner that makes it hard for you to put the book down. Fantastic debut for author Taylor Hartley. I recommend this novel for fantasy genre fans.

Title: The Penkeepers
Author: Taylor Hartley
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Published: 2013
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Rating: ♨♨♨♨