Blog Tour: Trust Me by Joan Callahan

Beth Carter a clinical psychologist and single mom to four adorable sons has a thriving practice based at home. She has an amicable relationship with her ex-husband and has good standing in her community.  Sounds perfect right.   Well yes, but not quite.  See on the outside that's what it looks like but in reality Beth Carter's life is like the menagerie she keeps in her backyard.  Half the time she has no idea if her patients are more sane than her kids and the other half its the other way around.  
Set in the suburbs of Melbourne, Trust Me, is a frolicking ride filled with humor and wacky slice of life adventures. Follow Beth as she deals with a son who is accident prone, another who has more than his slice of vanity, one who has a very bright future in politics just because of his stellar charm and a four year old son who wants to be a lesbian. She has no social life and has some paranoia about attractive men wanting to date her, not to mention her sons seems to dislike the notion.  Add her patients with their own quirks and an ex-husband allergic to their kids and you have absolute comedy.  
Told from a first person point of view, Trust Me doesn't follow the  basic story structure. There is no main plot or conflict to be resolved instead its an event driven book.  The characters are well written and the internal dialogues are funny but at the same time gives out that ring of truth most people can recognize in their own lives.  Joan Callahan has given life to ordinary people, living in an ordinary neighborhood with ordinary problems that have no perfect resolutions and yet these characters will definitely stay in the readers mind for some time.

Trust Me releases on September 5, 2013 and in honor of the blog tour, The Writer's Coffeeshop is giving away a free ebook of Trust Me. 

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Beth Carter is a psychologist to many and a single mother to four unruly boys. Patients might almost be manageable, but her boys aren’t. While the household lurches inevitably from one catastrophe to another, Beth finds herself barely managing to hold onto the vital threads of sanity whilst leading her often complex patients through their own remarkable journeys.
Beth finds it to be a lonely venture, leading her to look for love—but in all the wrong places.

Author Bio:

Joan Callahan is a clinical psychologist practicing in Melbourne, Australia. She commenced her career teaching English and history at the prestigious Melbourne High School and later retrained in the field of psychology. Joan set up her own private practice and has a heavy forensic caseload, while providing consultancies to commerce, industry, and government. She also enjoys several mediation contracts. She particularly likes working with anxiety disorders, couples, and the full spectrum of psychological disorders.

Joan is the divorced mother of three boys, has three brothers, and three grandsons—not to mention that she taught only boys at Melbourne High School. By her sheer survival as teacher, mother, and psychologist, she considers herself something of an expert on boys. Joan loves her job, going to the gym, making bread, (boring, boring, boring. Next it will be romantic fireside chats and long walks on the beach at sunset!), socializing widely, and travelling around the world as often as she can with the love of her life. Her vast travels around the USA have provided fodder for the third book in this series as the inimitable Carter clan enjoy the wilds of Yeehaw Junction.

Life remains wonderfully hectic. Any similarity between Joan’s life and Beth’s is not purely coincidental.  Beth’s patients are pure fiction; her dogs are not. Her boys? Close!

Trust Me will be available on September 5, 2013 in paperback and ebook on Amazon, B& iTunes, Kobo and The Writer's Coffee Shop.