Mine To Keep: Mine Vol 2 by Cynthia Eden

Mine to Keep (Mine, #2)
Love is the most dangerous obsession…

Skye Sullivan is trying to put the pieces of her life back together. She survived a brutal stalker and escaped his abduction, and now she is looking to the future—a future that includes Skye’s lover, billionaire Trace Weston. Skye thinks the danger is finally over for her.

She’s dead wrong.

When Trace’s past comes back to haunt him, Skye discovers that the man she loves isn’t quite who he seems to be. Trace has been leading a double-life. An ex-special forces agent, his military training turned him into the perfect killing machine. He made more than his share of enemies during his time in the military—and as he built his security empire—and one of those enemies is striking back.

He won’t lose her.

Skye is the one weapon that can be used against Trace—his only vulnerability. But he won’t let her go—he can’t. Trace will do anything necessary to protect Skye. Anything. Yet when she discovers the secrets that he’s tried to keep hidden, Skye’s pain and rage may send her running directly into the cross-hairs of a killer…

Although Mine to Keep is the continuation of Trace and Skye's story, it can actually stand on its own. Cynthia Eden has always struck me as a writer who packs a punch in her books.
Intense is the word that describes her work and Mine To Keep is no exception. Passion and heat are depicted in each scene specially between our main leads with the psychological thriller aspect not too far behind . The story keeps you guessing with myriad twists and turns and secondary characters that make you suspicious of possible betrayal. The pacing is just right with the tension strung up so tight you wouldn't know what hit you.  

*ARC was provided by the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review*

Title: Mine to Keep (Mine Vol 2)
Author: Cynthia Eden
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Published: September 16, 2013
Rating: ♨♨♨♨♨ 5 of 5 (Intense, passionate and a definite mind twisting suspense, this psychological thriller will keep your heart pounding in more ways than one)
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