All Dressed Up by Lucy Hepburn

All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up also known as the The Great Wedding Dress Caper, is an absolute thrill ride made up of quirky characters, madcap detours, laughter and family. Its about fulfilling your dreams and the road (or wrong turn) you take to get there. Molly Wright, is in the city of Paris, a dream come true for a fashion design graduate like her. Along with her long time boyfriend, they were on their way to attend her sister's celebrity wedding in Italy. Paris was supposed to be something special. Instead Molly has been dumped, is alone and oh yes, has found herself agreeing to bring her sister's wedding dress to Venice. No one can say "No" to Bridezilla. The dress, made by the famous designer Delametri Chevalier, was picked up and along with Pascal, Chevalier's assistant, they were on their way. Well it wasn't really that simple. There were several detours, mishaps, and overall hilarious events along the way.
This book was highly entertaining and funny! I love Pascal! The writing was vivid, both with the description of the background and the characters themselves. If emotions could be visualized, Lucy Hepburn has succeeded in doing so thru her words. This book is definitely more plot driven but the characters themselves were all memorable. Overall, All Dressed Up was a funny, insightful and heartwarming novel.

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Book Summary:

Unpredictable travel and runaway dresses create a race against the clock. Will Molly find love at the finish line?

Molly Wright is in Paris, in a romantic restaurant, with the moonlight dancing over La Seine, sitting her long term boyfriend Reggie… hoping he doesn’t propose! She’s not sure they want the same things anymore – he wants the big time, all she wants to do is design clothes.

Molly gets her wish: Reggie doesn’t propose. Instead, he breaks up with her!

Her broken hearted thoughts are interrupted by a frantic message from her sister who needs a teeny tiny favour: she’s getting married in Venice in two days and she wants Molly to pick up the all-important dress from the Parisian designer.

But the dress seems determined to get away from her, and transportation keeps letting her down. When film-maker Simon Foss tags along for the ride Molly thinks he’s another Hollywood wannabe, and just one more distraction that Molly doesn’t need. Especially when she finds herself falling for him!

Title: All Dressed Up 

Author:Lucy Hepburn
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary, Women's Fiction
Published: August 6, 2013
Publisher: Diversion Books
Rating: ♨♨♨♨ 4 of 5(highly entertaining full of funny, quirky characters, lighthearted moments mixed with moments of reflections)