Laura Kaye's Taken by A Vampire King: Cover Reveal Soon

This blog, I am so happy to say will be doing a cover reveal for Laura Kaye's Taken by A Vampire King, the third book in the Vampire Warrior Kings Series.  Release date is August 1, 2013. The other two books in the series are In The Service of The King and Seduced by the Vampire King.  Taken by A Vampire King's cover will be revealed tomorrow after midnight.  So what is a cover reveal, basically we get to see the cover of the book before its even released.  It's a thrill to actually be one of the first to see it before the general public.  To get a good idea of how good the covers are here are the ones from the earlier books.

I will be doing a review of the first book soon.  So Mer, what do you think of the covers so far?