Get Bunny Love by Kathleen Long

Yin... Beatrice Love has a problem. When her apartment building turns condo, she’s forced to land a “real” job to secure financing – and fast. Accustomed to freelancing as a graphic designer, she has a propensity for creative distraction. From fuzzy bunny slippers to feng shui, she believes in surrounding herself with whatever it takes to increase positive energy flow.

Yang... Nate McNulty craves order. When his Aunt Martha, owner of McNulty Events, announces she’s selling, he’ll do whatever it takes to save the family firm. Her first demand is to successfully produce the prestigious Worthington Cup, a regional kennel club show. One event coordinator short, Nate hires Bunny, and the two agree to a mentor/apprentice relationship. 

Zing... GET BUNNY LOVE is a story of opposites attract. For Bunny, the only thing grayer than the walls of McNulty Events is Nate’s stifled personality. To Nate, Bunny is a distractingly mop-topped creative menace. Will she be able to see past his lackluster exterior to the sizzling man inside? Will he be able to admit her creative chaos has brought him back to life? (

I love, love this book! This again is one of those best bargain buys.  Found my copy in a second hand bookstore and decided to give it a try not knowing anything about the author while the book blurb definitely was not that forthcoming with what the story was all about.  We get to meet Beatrice "Bunny" Love who's forced to find work in corporate America to finance her condo.  She of the bunny slippers and what's wrong with wearing pajamas and comfy shirts while working. She is charming and a breath of fresh air with her Lucky bamboos and her box of creativeness. Not so Nate McNulty of McNulty Events, Bunny's hot but so rigid and "what's wrong with order" boss.  He prefers his walls in gray oh sorry its pewter and his life in order.  Meeting Bunny was not just a breath of fresh air but more like the tornado that hit his business and his life, leaving it in chaos.  Fans of romantic comedies will definitely love this book.  Its definitely fluffy and I mean the cliched villains will probably make you gnash your teeth with the words this again stamped in your brain but the humor and the dialogue gives me that wonderful romantic fluffy feeling.  Not to mention the sudden craving for bunny slippers. The writing style is excellent with its humor, descriptive prose and wonderful laugh out moments.  The secondary characters have been given dimension as well.  Its fast paced but it didn't feel rushed and the characters have been given depth and was well fleshed out to suit the storyline.  

Title: Get Bunny Love
Author: Kathleen Long
Published: March 1, 2005
Publisher: Zebra (Kensington Publishing Corp)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romantic Comedy
Rating: ♨♨♨♨ 1/2 (Laugh out funny, lovers of romantic comedies will definitely love this one.  It may be filled
with romantic tropes and cliches but it will definitely give you that wonderful fluffy feeling.  Wear them bunny slippers!)