The First Prophet by Kay Hooper (Book 1 The Bishop Files)

Months ago Sarah Gallagher woke from a coma with psychic abilities she couldn’t control. They changed her life and cost her the man she loved. And now, someone is playing games with Sarah’s mind.

It begins with Sarah’s home being destroyed by fire—an act of arson that draws novelist Tucker Mackenzie into Sarah’s confidence. But he has other reasons for pursuing a woman who can see what others can’t. So does a mysterious enemy intent on eliminating Sarah, and everyone she cares about. Because it’s only a matter of time before her visions lead her and Tucker to a secret many will kill to hide. Only then will they begin to discover the scope of a terrifying conspiracy so deep and complex they can trust almost no one. (

The scene opens with a woman hugging herself, watching as her house burns while a man stands on the sides watching her.  This is where we are introduced to the two main leads Sarah Gallagher, the psychic who seems fated to meet her death soon and Tucker Mackenzie, a writer who wants to solve the puzzle surrounding Sarah.  Its imperative to remain focused on these two for the very reason that there so many secondary characters introduced in just the first few chapters that if you don't pay attention you might just drop the book.  I do not know whether reading Ms. Hooper's other books was going to be a distraction or help. In the end I had to just read as if I have never read any of her books before. When I dropped all expectations in trying to guess who were the good guys from the bad, thats when I appreciated the story.  The main characters were in the dark as to what was going on therefore as readers we too remain so.  I think because I was so used to her other books (from which this is loosely connected to) that I was expecting the same thing.  Clearly its not.  Does this book deliver? Definitely, the action is there, the keeping you guessing until you kind of get confused aspect Ms. Hooper is known for definitely present.  The pace tends to speed up then slow down though.  On the romantic angle, the main characters did have that initial spark of chemistry at the start however the progress of their relationship felt rushed as well.  
Does it disappoint? In a way it did disappoint since I kind of struggled to connect with the characters.  I never had that problem with her other books before. 
 I can recommend this book to anyone interested in this genre.  The writing is good, the setting up of the story since this would be the first in a trilogy was done well.  Fans of Ms. Hoopers previous books centering around the theme of the FBI paranormal division will still find it worthwhile reading however it might disappoint some of her other fans as there seems to be something lacking in this current offering. Hopefully the next two books will be up to par with her previous ones.

Title: The First Prophet
Author: Kay Hooper
Publisher: Jove
Published: 2012
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Paranormal
Rating: ♨♨♨- I liked the story overall, but I found it less engaging than her other books.  Still a good read for fans of romantic suspense