Drink Of Me by Jacquelyn Frank

In a world where emotion can be a deadly weapon, one slight, battered runaway holds the key to a dark and twisted enigma..."Drink Of Me", she whispers, her silver eyes trusting, pleading. What female dares speak such words to one of the Sange? His people are scorned by every race for their fierce sensuality, their fearful rituals. And as Prime, Reule is the most telepathically gifted of them all. But nothing has prepared him for the intensity of emotion radiating from the outlander rescued by his Pack. Terrified, tormented, but beautiful beyond measure, Mystique shatters his legendary control. As she reaches for him in the steamy heat of the healing baths, he knows this blind need can have but one end...(Amazon.com)

Okay, definitely one of the most gripping stories I have ever read.  In fact this book has made me look up Jacquelyn Frank's other works but this would still remain my favorite.  The synopsis just gives the basic premise of the novel but Ms. Frank's writing style definitely gives it dimension.  
The scene opens with the Sange, Reule and his packmates, looking for one of their own who was attacked and held hostage by the Jakals.  They find him but finds someone else as well.  A woman who whispers in Reule's mind, "Drink of Me".  When Reule finds her his life is never the same again.

The prose is excellent, the world building is good that you definitely get the picture of the landscape as it unfolds slowly.  We are introduced to the Sange, of which Reule is Prime, the ruler.  Being a paranormal romance you start thinking is it vampires, shape shifters or another being.  Lets just say in this world, there are no conventional boundaries.  The Sange are definite blood drinkers but with the  pack mentality of shape shifters.  They believe in having one true mate and have psychical powers.    Mystique, as her name implies, definitely holds a lot of mystery and her paranormal abilities seems to go on to the side of the Psychical but she definitely is human.  The secondary characters hold the readers interest as well that you end up wanting them to have their own book.  Sadly, this is a stand alone novel, despite the fact that the elaborate world building is so engrossing that it could definitely support a series.  Another of the book's strength is the authors unique writing style of which I love.  I mean its a romance the prose is a plus and its also really hot!  Sensuality definitely oozes from the pages when Reule and Mystique are in a scene together.

If you are a fan of the paranormal mystery romance genre you will definitely like Drink From Me.

Title: Drink of Me
Author: Jacquelyn Frank
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback371 pages
Published October 26th 2010 by Zebra
Rating: ♨♨♨♨♨- 5 cups of better make it iced coffee (cause of the sizzle aspect! )Those who like paranormal romance would definitely enjoy this one