Unbelieve 2096 by L. W. Brook

After a devastating nuclear war in 2059, the world was left in chaos. In 2060 -  Isaak Kazimir, a young scientist, created a self sufficient New World in order to save the human race. However, with limited room within the walls of this New World the people quickly began to turn on themselves in an attempt to make it inside. This then lead to a new era of humanity- a ruthless era that cared for nothing but the strength that allowed them to survive there. Years later Oliver Anders, a 2096 graduate of the New World, challenges all that the New World stands for. And as one might expect, those who do not abide by the rules of the New World are cast outside the gate- for there is little room for liabilities in the New World.

Inside the tall, metal walls of the New World, the people are living under the rule of the cruel Kazamir. The Old World forgotten, the people in the new world lives a life believing only the strong shall survive, while the weak either get killed or exiled.

Oliver Ander's life is a lonely one. Rejecting the beliefs that Kazamir has instilled in the citizens of the New World, he has given up in living his life on his own terms after graduation. However, his plans go awry when he ends up in the Old World and gets saved by a mysterious man named Farren, an ex-New Worlder.

Unbelieve 2096 is a blend of sci-fi, action and a hint of romance. It starts off with the history of the novel's world before we get introduced to our protagonist.
It was heartwarming following Oliver's growth - from the kid that he was at the start of the novel to the person that he became at the end of it. I also admire Farren with his optimism and his thirst for adventure. He is a person I'd definitely love hanging out with.

The thing that I loved most about this novel is it's cast of characters. Each one had a story to tell, with their own struggles and reasons for fighting.  My favorites were definitely Adam and Ryker - both were just too endearing that I hoped they could have a story with them as protagonists.

However, in the latter part of the story there were many new characters that were introduced that I had a problem remembering them. I also felt the conclusion was a bit rushed. Still, Unbelieve 2096 is a good read with a great set of characters and will definitely have you glued to its pages from start to finish.

Title: Unbelieve 2096
Author: L.W. Brook
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Romance
Published: April 24, 2015
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Rating: ♨♨♨♨ ( 4 cups - Exciting story plus great characters!)